Spend more time creating music-
less time making videos.

How it works

Link multiple iPhones with our app. With just one click, all phones will start recording simultaneously.

Once you're happy with the track, upload it with a single tap. Our service then takes over and edits you clip.

Along with the full video, you'll receive clips for optimised for your social media channels.

If you want to know more about the app and what's in the future development, read our FAQ.

We are launching in 2024

Our innovative app and platform is designed specifically for music artists.

  • Connect multiple smartphones seamlessly.

  • Control one, record on all.

  • Sync and auto-upload for automated video editing.

  • Review the edited content and publish optimised clips directly to your Social Media channels, like Instagram, TikTok and YouTube.

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What is SureShot and when is it launching?
SureShot is a revolutionary app and service gearing up to launch later this year, transforming how live performances are captured.
How does SureShot work?
Connect multiple iPhones via our app to film a performance from different angles. The footage is automatically edited to create professional-quality videos, offering a seamless, multi-perspective viewing experience.
Can I record several songs in one session?
Initially, SureShot will support filming one song at a time. We are exploring future updates that may allow multiple songs to be recorded in one session.
What devices are compatible with SureShot?
Currently, SureShot works optimally with iPhones. Stay tuned for our upcoming Android support.
Can I film with my existing camera app?
To ensure synchronised recording and quality editing, SureShot uses its bespoke camera functionality within the app.
How do you handle the sound?
The app records and mixes audio from all recording devices to create a master track. You can also connect a sound input to your main device.
What are the benefits for early adopters?
Early adopters gain exclusive access, can influence future development, and stand a chance to win up to 6,000 free editing credits.
How is SureShot different from other video editing services?
SureShot is tailor-made for the music industry, integrating multi-camera recording and automated editing to save both time and costs.
What are the costs of using SureShot?
Enjoy our competitive subscription rates starting from a low monthly fee, with additional edit credits at just €12/min.
Can SureShot handle different types of performance recordings?
Ideal for live performances, studio sessions, and more, SureShot is designed to suit various musical settings.
Will fans be able to participate in the video creation process?
Future updates will allow fans to co-create, enriching the concert experience through collaborative video production.
Is SureShot suitable for all music genres?
Absolutely! SureShot is a universal tool for artists across all genres to enhance their music video production.
Is my data secure when using the app?
We prioritise your privacy with robust encryption protocols, ensuring your content and personal information remain secure.
How can I get more information?
Stay updated by joining our waiting list or connecting with us on our Discord channel.


First 100

Free lifetime usage of the tool.


6.000 free editing credits (worth €1200 or roughly 20 videos)


3.600 free editing credits (worth €720 or roughly 12 videos)


2.400 free editing credits (worth €480 or roughly 8 videos)

4th - 10th

1.500 free editing credits (worth €300 or roughly 5 video)

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We're music lovers, tech experts, and creative thinkers.Our team brings together a unique blend of expertise and passion, combining years of experience in startups, technology, and the music industry.
Our advisory board is equally diverse and experienced, featuring industry leaders from the international music scene and the field of artificial intelligence.
Together, we're reimagining the future of live music, leveraging technology to connect artists and fans in new and exciting ways.

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